News 2012

Alexandra Picnic table pool Bryan Hughes fishing a nice drift on Lough Corrib Mike Barrs with a superb 17.5lb Llyn Clywedog brown trout Nice water in Bevan's Pool Sewin, 8lb 6.5oz, Dan Morgan, May 2009 The early morning sun comes up over the Top Pool during a nice summer flood Dan Morgan with a 8lb 6.5oz sewin, May 2009

New Chairman

After 8 years as Chairman, Conrad Jones stood down at the 2011 AGM in January. Conrad has steered the Club though difficult times that have seen a decline in the sewin numbers running the river, a decline in catches and a declining membership. Despite this, the Club has continued and in many areas has grown and developed. The Lake Fishing section continues to be well supported and more money through grant aid and local council contribution has been spent on the river in the last few years than has been spent in many previous years. The new Chairman, John Davies, takes over from Conrad and is hoping for an improvement in the sewin runs in the years to come. An increasing focus on the plight of the sewin, money spent on habitat improvement and a collective acceptance that sewin numbers are seriously in decline may just be the things required to stimulate a turnaround. Time will tell but John takes over at a difficult time for the Aeron and many other West Wales rivers. We wish him every success.
Conrad remains on the Committee and will take over from John as Lake Fishing Secretary.

Mydyr pollution

The Mydyr slurry pollution incident that resulted in almost a thousand fish killed back in the spring of 2011 had been heard at court. The EA secured a conviction but the court failed to impose any fine for the devastation caused. Disappointingly, the EA’s claim for fish kill fund was also rejected by the court. The Club now considers its position on the matter and will update when more information is available.

Town Pools leet repairs

The Town Pools leet that borders the river is in a poor state of repair. At one point on the leet the retaining wall has collapsed and is in danger of further erosion that could destabilise and collapse the path. The Club is working with County Councillor Elizabeth Evans to bring about a speedy resolution so as to protect access to the Club’s most valuable fishing beat.

Wild Fishing Wales grant aid project - Aeron and Arth Association

The Club, working closely with Charles Symons Jones of Monachty Mansion, has almost come to the end of a 2 year habitat improvement project on the Aeron and Arth. The initial budget of £50000 was spent and a further £9000 funding, secured via the Wild Fishing Wales initiative with the help of the Wye and Usk Foundation,.has also been dispersed on habitat improvement.  Key areas of focus have been

A full report will be made available once the project is complete. A plaque will be installed on Lovers’ Bridge in Aberaeron acknowledging the support of the Wild Fishing Wales initiative.

Llanerchaeron water

The Club has been made aware the the fishing rights at Llanerchaeron have been sold to the National Trust. It is not clear yet how the rights will be marketed but the Club is in dialogue with the National Trust.

River maintenance

The Committee spent a day in March cutting the Town Pools hedge to allow unrestricted casting and also cleared the banks of other growth likely to cause obstruction to access or casting. The work also moved upstream to the Cwmmins where some heavy tree removal took place opposite Glynaeron opening up the pool to fishing on the Cwmmins path side - it had become quite overgrown in a relatively short time.

The Town Pools showing the hedge cut back to allow unhindered backcasting

Derrick goes to work with all the latest safety equipment ;o)

The leet repairs

Some of the damage to the leet bordering the Town Pools has been repaired but unfortunately not the most critically damaged section. The Club will press the Council further to resolve the situation so as to protect the path from further erosion. The planks that were missing from the entrance to the leet have been replaced and are now providing protection from the worst effects of the river’s force. Had they not been replaced then this most recent flood would probably have collapsed the path.