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Alexandra Picnic table pool Bryan Hughes fishing a nice drift on Lough Corrib Mike Barrs with a superb 17.5lb Llyn Clywedog brown trout Nice water in Bevan's Pool Sewin, 8lb 6.5oz, Dan Morgan, May 2009 The early morning sun comes up over the Top Pool during a nice summer flood Dan Morgan with a 8lb 6.5oz sewin, May 2009

Natural Resources Wales bylaws

Natural Resources Wales plans to introduce bylaw changes in 2017 delayed

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) had, in December 2015, put forward a pre consultation questionnaire raising the issues facing Welsh salmon and sea trout rivers citing the declining stocks and indicating that a range of measures were being considered for 2017 onwards to halt the decline. The Club responded with its views which were against any measures that would result a decline in membership as this would take anglers off the banks of the river; the anglers being the eyes and ears of the river and the only meaningful alarm for pollution and other environmental damage. The Club is fully of the view that addressing pollution, habitat destruction and water quality are far more effective measures to address declining stocks than catch and release, increased size limits and a reduced season. The NRW proposals were further elaborated in a meeting held November 16 which the Club committee attended but to date nothing has been put forward in writing by NRW. Citing the lack of time to fully consult and obtain reasoned argument, the Club has lobbied against the NRW proposals which were vague, based on flawed data and late. In an announcement 13 February 2017 the NRW confirmed that there will be no changes to National Bylaws in 2017 but it will continue with its consultation with a view to implementing change in 2018. In the meantime NRW has urged clubs to implement voluntary measures to address declining stocks. To that end, at the Club’s AGM on 10 Feb 2017, the following were agreed for implementation as revised Club rules for the 2017 season:


The Club will continue to engage with the NRW in 2017 and will defend the right of anglers to fish and take fish sustainably whilst driving at the real causes it believes to be at the root of the decline - pollution, habitat destruction and water quality.